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An accessible website gives everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, equal access to information and services online. By promoting an inclusive website you are giving everyone equal opportunity to participate in society.

As a business owner, you are opening your business to a wider audience, a group that spends over $460Bn in the USA each year online.

Many countries have laws and regulations requiring websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. Ensuring your site meets these standards can help you to avoid, legal issues, potential fines, and bad publicity for your business.

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A full report shows your score based on 49 categories of accessibility, color contrasts report, Alt Text used for images, and other detailed analyses.
Did you know you can claim IRS Tax Credits for accessibilty work upto 50% of your spend? Would you like to know more?
Make your business accommodating to shoppers spending over $460bn online
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A free accessibility report is a summary snapshot of your current website.

This is an indication of the current level of your site and note a full compliant report.

You can claim tax credits for accessibility work carried out each year. (The IRS states you can claim up to $5000 p/a)

If you are interested in a full report please let us know.

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